Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pegorellis rule.

Yeah. A Pegoretti Responsorium is that bike. Order asap.
The weather here in Westmont, IL, is sloppy ice and wind. Kazumi and I decided to go for a walk around noon, but didn't get far before turning around. Water and ice were everywhere and the umbrella did little to help. A really lazy day of movie watching and eating sloth inducing foods. Maybe tomorrow.

Above is Kazumi on ice. Last night we had freezing rain that clobbered our window.


Ari said...

What do you think about putting some tubulars on them pegorellis.
I wonder what that would do to the ride.
82 year old Andre Dugast has sold the Dugast name and patents and tools to Richard Groenendal. He was putting out 80 tires max a week and could not keep up with demand. Richard and his friend are improving the Dugasts, with better yet (!!!!!!!) materials and have upped the production to around 180 tires a week. Still short for the demand. Everyone in Belgium runs Dugast tubulars and race them around 25-28 psi.
Shit, litttle John!!!
Now I can't go to bed.

strangelife said...

Tubulars would be nice, but I think the technology of the clincher ride (I'm talking Veloflex and the ilk) is just a small notch or so below tubies. Also, you know me, Mr. Practical...