Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East is East, West is West

I'm back and feeling the Chi-town love after an extended stay on the eastern shores. So, what's happened while I was away?

-The mysterious large dog with a dipshit owner has continued to pinch large loaves on my lawn.

-USPS continues to deliver on their 80/20 junkmail to bill ratio.

-More weeds than grass grew.

-Not much food in the house.

-Sugoku jetlag.

-Oh, and some race in France up and ran out of stages to showcase.

-It appears Chance Legstrong and El Pistolero didn't disappoint in the drama department. Though I wish the thespian shit came before Chance was the second loser. It's much more theatrical and European, or, as the jocks on ESPN (whom musical geniuses, Devo, might refer to as Jocko-Homos) might imply, "gay" in that way. The Lemond-Hinault production was much better. And Frencher.

-I also caught this while I was out. It's quite charming and cute and doesn't end in Y, which is apparently all it takes to make something rather drab and ordinary into something cute and super excellent fun with high excitement in Japan.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Movin' Up Avenues With Power Moves

“I have tried to stay out a little bit of the debate about who is the leader?” Armstrong said. “I have won the Tour seven times, so I think I deserve a bit of credit.”

I wonder if Contador is wishing he had taken Garmin up on their offer to ride for them prior to the Tour. Whether you agree or disagree with the tactics Armstrong and Co. employed in the latter part of stage 3 (Contador says “I’m not going to evaluate the team strategy because everyone will draw their own conclusions anyway.”), we may be witnessing a rift between the Armstrong/Bruyneel and Contador camps, fed part and parcel by a salivating media, that proves quite interesting when all the sordid details finally make it to light.

That said, when the mountains hit, I think those 38 year old bones of Lance will crumble like feta when Alberto decides he wants to go fast. Ullrich will let go a reflective sigh as he downs another brew with his mates, and Simeoni will laugh his ass off.

Aaah...the Tour. I love this time of year.


"My sense of the war gradually shifted from concern to skepticism to frustration to anguish, I had always been confident that every problem could be solved, but now I found myself confronting one -- involving national pride and human life -- that could not." -Robert S. McNamara