Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East is East, West is West

I'm back and feeling the Chi-town love after an extended stay on the eastern shores. So, what's happened while I was away?

-The mysterious large dog with a dipshit owner has continued to pinch large loaves on my lawn.

-USPS continues to deliver on their 80/20 junkmail to bill ratio.

-More weeds than grass grew.

-Not much food in the house.

-Sugoku jetlag.

-Oh, and some race in France up and ran out of stages to showcase.

-It appears Chance Legstrong and El Pistolero didn't disappoint in the drama department. Though I wish the thespian shit came before Chance was the second loser. It's much more theatrical and European, or, as the jocks on ESPN (whom musical geniuses, Devo, might refer to as Jocko-Homos) might imply, "gay" in that way. The Lemond-Hinault production was much better. And Frencher.

-I also caught this while I was out. It's quite charming and cute and doesn't end in Y, which is apparently all it takes to make something rather drab and ordinary into something cute and super excellent fun with high excitement in Japan.

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Ari said...

Welcome back to La-La Land. I wish we could ride together again and become comeback heroes.