Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New, meet Old

The ads read like they've reinvented fire. Gone are the terrifically inefficient square taper bottom brackets of yesterday. They've been replaced with something newer, better, and sparklier. "Stronger", "More efficient", "Stiffer", are the buzzwords. As if folks have been perpetually searching for solutions to why they were distorting their bottom brackets in a grotesque display of power over inferior designs. No doubt the marketers of your favorite alloy and carbon crap would like you to believe that the integrated crank/bb thing is a major leap ahead in the world of cycling that they themselves have ushered in.

Well, dear reader. Feast your eyes upon these photos. Everything that is old, is new again. These photos are of an approximately 40 year old Chiorda folding bike with one hell of a integrated crank/bb. This is Feeves' new emergency bike for his not getting any younger Nissan. Allez!


The King said...

Looks like a old rusty POS. I look forward to seeing this on you Pegoretti!

Strangelife said...

Old, Rusty, and POS it nearly is, but not quite. It seems to work quite well, actually. It also fits snugly into the compact trunk of a '95 Nissan 240SX quite well. A fine place for it should the motor on the true POS say "Hell no!".

Ari said...

The king is slow to follow suit. Soon he will be on the strange MTB called 29er, then he will become comfortable riding a Rando bike in the country and when he lands the big bucks will pack a folding Merckx into the trunk of his gold plated Bentley Turbo Coupe.