Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Electronica Schmectronica Exhibit A

While this whole electronic shifting thing has the panties of the masses in a bunch, with the predictable exception of the Campy fans, who will smugly live through the cruel joke of advertisers and journalists perpetually kicking the dead horse of Spinal Tap references with their new 11 speed drivetrain, it will likely be panned by myself many, many times over the course of its evolution.

Exhibit A:

It looks like the team of master mechanics at Gerolsteiner couldn't adjust the lower limit on the electronic Dura Ace equipped TT machine. The sweet smell of electronically guided molten plastic motivated Sebastian Lang into the upper echelons of the sport with a 19th place finish in the stage 3 TT at Le Tour.


The King said...

Perhaps he could of had a top ten finish if he hadn't used lower gears in the first place. It is after all a TT correct?

Ari said...

Why don't they just make it an even dozen, maybe a bakers dozen ??
wow! thats a lot of gears.

Anonymous said...

Exhibit B for Electro D-ACE was Monday's stage 10. When the massive break got away at the start and Fabian Wegmann was stuck in his 53x11 on a climb. I thought he was going to blow his arse out. Phil and Sherwen failed to pick it out, but with my trusty TIVO in slo-mo I could see the battery. However, wegmann must really like the electro stuff as his back-up bike also had the gruppo.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the marking on the disc is because he's riding a Walser TT rig. Those have narrower rear dropouts and BB than most bikes, so maybe that's what threw off the der. adjustment.

That said, I fall squarely into the Campy camp, so watching everyone go nuts over this whole electronic DA group is just gonna make me laugh...