Thursday, May 14, 2009

"What the F?"

Never saw this before. A young Pantani attacks in the closing kilometers of a mountain stage in le Tour, ravages the peloton, picks off escaped riders one by one, and then, just as il Pirata blazes past the last man standing, he (last man standing) raises his arms as if to say "What the Fuck?"

Unusual. Unexpected. Classic.

Here's the video. It all goes down around 2:32.

Bow to analog.


Anonymous said...

It was 1994, and it looks like Alpe d'Huez. Roberto Conti won the stage (there was big breakaway) but Pantani put in one of his record climbs and got 2 minutes on Indurain.

I couldn't see the number of the rider he passed, though. Jeez, how high was Pantani on that ride. Rest in peace...

Ron said...

In one of those final stages in this year's Giro, Popo was on a breakaway and I think it was Pellizotti who chased and sped past him like a motor car. Popo's reaction was priceless, not having noticed Pellizotti till the time he passed him. Must be on youtube. Check it out. :)