Sunday, March 11, 2007


Finally pulled the trigger and got a bike for the wife. I built a Surly 1x1 with mostly donated (big shout out to Feeves) parts. Dia-Comp 986 brakes, MKS cross pedals, Surly rear hub married to a Mavic M261 CD rim. The crank, stem, and bars are pure monetary practicality.

The idea for the bike was a commuter. Nothing more. Let the cries of disparity between the Pegoretti and Surly rest. I am admittedly a greedy, self-absorbed bastard. But I'll be damned if I'm not a little envious of the fat tire capable commuter that sits behind me at this very moment.

I haven't a bike that isn't 700c. And what I do have only allow up to 23's which are dicey as hell in the wintry conditions of Chicagoland. Strange to say, but I almost miss my old commuter. All 35 odd pounds of it.

I was thinking a cross bike this fall, but I will have to reassess my options. A 2x9 is of keen interest also. I always liked the idea when Ritchey had the scheme going.

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Ari said...

I hope K-girl gets a lot of use out of the 1x1. I don't think she can EVER wear out the Surly Frame.
I like seeing my parts roam around town. Signature, pure signature.