Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My ass is killing me.

Pro racing is hard stuff. I did my share of amateur racing here in the Midwest for seven years. I wasn't too bad, but never really stood out either. I rode with alot of guys that wanted to become Pros. I never seriously entertained the idea. Being a pro is alot harder than being a bike mechanic or a CEO.
I crashed a few times in those racing days. I even tore up my right ass cheek and rung my bell like the poor sap above (photo credit to the great Graham Watson, check out his link to the right).
Getting up after a crash was never really a problem. Crawling into the shower to wash off the day's blood and grime was the hard part. Lots of beer and a few Advil did little to dull the sting of the hot water and scrub brush cleaning the raw flesh of tar and grit. "AAAAhhhhh, Fuuuuuu@#%$#$%##@@#$!!!!".
I miss racing regardless of the blood letting. Au contraire, mon freire. I miss the suffering.


Ari said...

Good to see that you are dragging your ass out of the gutter and are starting to update your blog with some cool stuff. Spring is around the corner and we will see if some heat will make those aches, pains and complaints go away.
I guess I should follow the road scene a bit since the fall seems soooo far away.

Ari said...

please go to and check out the posting on march 5th.
It is really worth it.