Thursday, May 17, 2007

All the Rage

Shallow drops are what's hot in 2007 in the PRO (permanently stealing the all caps from BKW because it's what fits best...thanks R.F!) peloton. Many friends have made the switch and absolutely love 'em. I've always thought the guys that did the Michele Bartoli stretch were emulating the wrong position.

Levers have been sitting higher on bars the past several years, so this seems to be an extension of the science of bike fit creeping into the populace. I hope it continues and folks understand that emulating the beasts that race for a living doesn't apply to the average shmoe. Book a fitting at your LBS and lose the Rack comparisons when you roll for more than ten miles.

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Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

FSA has a new shallow drop with a really bitchin' radius to it. I am riding a pair of the Ritchey WCS Evolution bars right now on my Campy bike (yeah, I know... I'm a spoiled son-of-a-bitch). The fit in the hands is great. Between the semi aero bar tops and then the nice drop, those bars rock. The FSA bar has a great feel in the hands too, but I don't have a pair yet. My easton bars don't feel quite as good, but they are still good bars... but a much deeper drop with the old Modolo-type bend at the top.

Yes, I am a big proponent of fit that makes sense. If you are riding a couple times a week and only for a few miles, why the hell do you need to be stretched out flat on your bike? Ride comfortably and you'll ride more. After that, maybe you'll develop the flexibility to ride that low in the drops all the time. I space out my steerer tube so that I can raise and/ or lower my bars to match my fitness/ flexibility level.

Ride comfortable... please.

Strangelife said...

Looks like DiLuca's riding the FSAs. They've got a unique look. I'd be interested in trying them.
It seems the deep drops aren't a great choice for most compact frames as the drops usually end up at the top of the fork crown. As you rightly point out, fit is proportionate to fitness/flexibility.

Thanks for reading.

Radio Freddy said...

I am down with the shallow drop, high hoods and the rotation. It certainly makes for a comfy ride. Thanks for the PROps. - RF

The King said...

High Hoods.... Shallow Drops......
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good.