Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dawn of the Un-Man

"Every man thinks that his burden is heaviest" - Bob Marley

Un-Man walks into bike shop. Un-Man sighs heavily to let mechanic know he needs immediate assistance. Mechanic calls salesperson over to finish sale in progress. Un-Man wants service NOW. Mechanic's interest is piqued. Un-Man wants to do "big ride" on Sunday. Mechanic asks what Un-Man needs to get him on road for "big ride". Un-Man explains his bike makes "ticking" sounds and "doesn't shift right". Un-Man further explains that he would do it himself but Un-Man has been "real busy". Un-Man also thinks job would be easy because it "probably just needs grease". Mechanic puts bike in stand and checks shifting. Un-Man crosses invisible line into "shop" area to see what mechanic is doing. Mechanic wishes stereo was loudly playing Bad Brains, not The Cure. Un-Man looks quizzically at mechanic. Mechanic gives diagnosis as new chain and cassette. Un-Man asks price. Mechanic obliges and mentions it's in stock. Un-Man doesn't like price and makes new offer. Mechanic declines. Un-Man sighs heavily. "Fine". Mechanic does on-the-spotter to be rid of Un-Man's polluted chi. Mechanic rings Un-Man up and sends him packing. "Have a good ride." Un-Man doesn't turn around. "Yeah".

Photo credit: Ebet Roberts


The King said...

Just remember that good customer service is about bending over backwards to help out a customer.... just don't bend forward!

Ari said...

It's like a long, obscene poem that just came out of the deep of you bowels.

BikerDude said...

As I used to say to my pain in the ass customers back in the day:
"Sir, I didn't make it and I didn't break it. I'm just trying to help you out and get you back on the road."

If it weren't for the customers, hours and pay, working in a bike shop would be the perfect job... I feel your pain.