Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mad Props Vol. 2

Don't mess with Tullio.

As legend tells it, on 11 November, 1927 on the Croce d'Aune pass Tullio's frozen hands couldn't loosen the wingnuts to fix the flat tire on his rear wheel. Soon thereafter he patented the quick release hub and the rest, as they say, is history. His company, Campagnolo S.p.A., went on to create some of the most memorable bicycle jewelry ever.

Names like Record, Super Record, Gran Sport, Croce d'Aune, and Nuovo Record became revered in the industry and amongst the masses. Campagnolo blended glorious designs with modern technological and metallurgical advances to fabricate some of the most sought after bicycle parts ever. Magnesium wheels for autos and motorcycles were also made for a short time. Even the pope got in on the Campagnolo action when he received a 50th anniversary group in 1983.

Name a legend of cycling and it's virtually guaranteed that he won on Campagnolo equipment. Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Lucien Van Impe, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Laurent Fignon, Greg Lemond, Miguel Indurain, and on, and on.

If it wasn't for Tullio we'd probably still be riding with the Flintstones and Captain Caveman. Mad Props to Tullio and his continued angelic guidance of all cycling equipment with panache and function.


Ari said...

I bet Tullio kicked ass on the bike and off. I bet the corporate pansies up in the Trek and Specialized headquarters couldn't shine his shoes if their life depended on it.
I am dreaming of a pair of mavic hubs,ssc rims and pave tubulars in 27mms.

The King said...

He looks angry. He must have forseen the overtaking of Japanese components soon to come. Wasn't there a "Super De' Duper" record in there somewhere?

gwadzilla said...

I still like to ride with the Flintsones and Captain Caveman

after all

they are my tribe