Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Riding the Garden of Eden

Riding in the traffic congested confines of Chicagoland makes me dream sometimes about distant places I can escape to without some asshole in a SUV pinning me into the gutter. The above photo fits the fairytale wish of a world where I can ride for mile after mile amongst a beautiful backdrop of mountains, streams, trees, and winding smooth roads.

I tell my friends that if I ever were to suddenly become a billionaire, I'd buy a huge parcel of land and create a cyclist's haven of swooping loops, hills, and interconnected trails. Road and offroad. Maybe even a nice place for the BMX'ers and trackies to rip it up. I'd ride for hours and hours without the dirty automobile to fuck it all up.

Sounds cool, eh?


David said...

Sounds idyllic.

Strangelife said...

Pla d'Adet sounds like it'll be pretty damn cool. I'll have to look into this further. Thanks for the link.


The King said...

Try too look at trafic with more optimism. Treat it like the game of frogger and enjoy the challenge. If you became a billionaire you probably would be toolin around in a new SUV. Most likely an Caddi Escalade or Better yet a Hummer H2 all decked out.

Would your new found haven contain a place for our Tri friends to enjoy as well?

Strangelife said...

King: If I was a billionaire, I'd probably drive a modest station wagon and have a nice stable of bikes.

Also, there would be no aerobars allowed in Eden, so triathletes wouldn't be interested.

solobreak said...

The idea of a cycling theme park is one I've had for a while. Then yeah, Hincapie beat me to it. Not sure what he has planned, but I envisioned a village like Stratton mountain, where the town square was setup with Belgian pubs and the cobbled road was made for racing. Several big races a year, a classic, a World Cup cross race, and yes, maybe even a track. All service roads (vehicles) would be separate and only see the loading zone, like at an outlet mall. I'd have a couple of golf courses to help finance the thing, and run the race courses around them on an elaborate cart path. Finding the right area would be tough. You'd need a decent climate. Maybe West Virginia. Land is cheap and they're looking for any business they can get. Vermont is great and all, but 4 months of decent cycling weather doesn't quite cut it.