Monday, July 16, 2007

The Tour

When I perpetually get bombarded with retarded questions every year leading up to the start of Le Tour de France, I emanate a certain sense of smugness. "It doesn't live up to the hype" I grumble, and mildly disparage it's standing as the "the greatest cycling event in the world". I recount the Giro d'Italia, the spring classics, the Vuelta, and the World Championships. All usually met with a quizzical look of ignorance and disinterest.

I guess it's a defense mechanism I've developed because the PRO calendar is much larger and more beautiful than just the race that "made Lance famous for kicking those backward European's asses". I also feel like I have to pose some form of public challenge to the cheerleaders on OLN/Versus that have swung from LA's short curlies the past ten years and disparage any challengers to his almighty throne of immortality.

Yet, the Tour starts and I'm drawn in by the sheer magnitude of the race. I love the Tour and it's glorious history and the characters that have been shaped by it's historic importance. The drama and desperation makes my blood boil. I acknowledge that the Tour de France is the greatest spectacle in cycling. I wish I could always compel myself to believe that.


Ari said...

I think it was more interesting to watch the tour before we got back into the shop. Sometimes I get over-saturated with bike crap. If the tour is on I cannot look the other way, I get glued like I am looking at some bodacious woman. Man the Tour is something that the american general public is just missing.

The King said...

What tour? Does it cost money to go on it?