Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crappity crap

Hmmm...blogger seems to be having a problem uploading photographs at the moment. Ya'll are gonna have to wait for the next update, which covers one of the most important weapons in a champion's arsenal: The victory salute.

Anyway, I built up a mammoth cruiser/commuter out of an old Schwinn Le Tour Luxe frame. Lots of donated parts, fenders, lights, rack, and enough steel to make Grant Peterson's nose twitch. It's a big, heavy, beast of a bike with a wheelbase that has more in common with a Cadillac than a humble bicycle. A friend said I'll never crash on it. I hope to live up to that, because I'd need a few samaritans around to help lift the thing off me if I did. And, samaritans seem to be in short supply 'round these parts, so I'd probably end up decaying with the opossums and squirrels on the side of the road as a testament to the foibles of two wheeled locomotion.

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