Thursday, October 25, 2007


I had a fine ride this morning in crisp October air. I took a few weeks more or less off, other than the commute, which is a scant 3 miles. It felt good to breath. I chose the CAAD 9 because it had the seat pack. It's lightweight, affordable, and expendable enough to race on. It rides as touted aside from being "too" stiff. The Zonda wheels likely have a lot to do with it. I'm having second thoughts about them over the Neutrons. Maybe they should be sold...

I'll probably ride the Steelman tomorrow. It's seven speeds more fun now. I also found a silver 3t Synthesis that will go on this spring since I have new tape and still need some 26.0 bars.

Anyway, the ride was a quick run with Michael along the route known as "Fruit Loop". We named it as a sissy version of "Lemont Loop" a long time ago with the original "Dr. Giggles". And as most rides these days, it was better fifteen years ago when there was that quiet stretch where parking lots and cul-de-sacs seemed far away. Yet, as always, we enjoy the ride despite the creeps. Most days at 7AM.

Riding at Oury's house is great stuff. Kinda reminds me of Ballak's in Plainfield where we both ate cinders and cold, damp winds for breakfast. Now that the corn has been harvested, I expect the same from Oury's. If you haven't been out there, give us a shout and we'll roll.

Snake got a bike today. Nice looking green Schwinn. I forget the model...maybe Super Le Tour. Probably early 80's. Looks new. He seems excited to ride, so hopefully he'll wake up early and start riding with us. We rolled by the wine store where I found some average Italian red and Wild Bill. They were having a party there. I saw lots of ladies in fancy hats and a gruff gentleman sitting away from the calamity up front and alone. The lady behind the counter was a bit prim, but sold to me anyway. After Wild Bill was done licking the glass, we rode toward home. The weather was about perfect.


Snake said...

my new bike is badass thanks to ari and pete the meat.

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hey you need to check out