Tuesday, June 5, 2007


The 2007 Giro was an exciting piece of three week riding and went to a deserving Danilo DiLuca. Andy Schleck the wunderkind and Eddy Mazzolini rounded out second and third, respectively.

Gibo Simoni and Little Prince Cunego were close (fourth and fifth), but not quite enough. Gibo has the excuse of being older than most of the young guns he's up against (if you can call 36 old), he's also won twice before. Cunego, it seemed, wasn't nearly aggressive enough or just didn't have the legs. Maybe for the TdF? Hope so.

The Giro's always been my favorite race. It doesn't have the pageantry and ego of the Tour de France nor the odd timing of the Vuelta Espana, which is a beautiful race in it's own right but would be better off in its old springtime running. Why, oh why can't the powers that be set aside ego and power to create a rational racing calendar?

Anyway, bravo Italy! Your tour is truly majestic.

Photo credit: Cyclingnews.com

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