Friday, June 22, 2007

Questions to Ponder While on Vacation

I leave for a brief vacation tonight. No bike. No work. Just me and the wife and the hope that our car won't break down when it hits the 125,000 mile mark. At least if it does, I'll have alot of sweets and drink to survive on for a few days. She's the opposite of my procrastinating, never think beyond a half hour ass. Anyway, here's some shit to whet your appetites while my car jangles it's way to Kentucky.

- Why do the folks that are the biggest, arrogant, dicks ride the nicest bikes?

- Will a Frenchman ever win the Tour de France again?

- Will I ever be as fast as I was ten years ago?

- Will I die on a bike?

- Why do people feel the need to yell out their car windows to tell me how gay I am?

- Why did the town over suggest all sorts of ways to drive and park for their annual festival without one mention of cycling to the event?

- Why is it always the bike shop's fault when something on your bike breaks?

- Why don't seemingly well reasoned people understand that a clean bike works better than a dirty one?

- Why do motorists peg the accelerator just to pass little ol' me on empty roads?

- Will we ever stop planning cities and towns around automobile convenience?

- Why do I hate saddles with holes in them?

- Why do tools disappear when I need them?

- How many bikes is too many?

Have a great weekend all.

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