Friday, April 13, 2007

Bad Asses of Paris Roubaix Vol. 5

The Cobblestone guy

If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have a Paris Roubaix. Give this bad ass all the pints, frites, and mayonaise he can handle. Just don't ask him to write his goals for the year, or to "stay on message" (corporate jokes- if you know, you know.) He's liable to pave' over your souless shell of a body so the cows and pigs can shit all over your lame, "I saw it on E!", Red 7 tousled hair.


Ari said...

Dude,you are getting so revvved up you might even start riding again!!!
Get your lame ass out, get a computer and start logging some miles. Lethargy is killing us;.
Look what is happening to Rory.

strangelife said...

Revved up? I'm just getting warmed up!Heh...I'm such a loser. Anyway, Sunday's a go. Next week should be a bit warmer, brighter, cheerier, and gayer (I'm takin' "gay" back... to mean what it's supposed to mean, I mean.)