Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Peenie Pucker

Wide eyed customer (the one with the Nashbar shorts) walks into shop and asks if you have new Campag widget. Disregarding the whiff of suspicion, you show widget and explain it's superfly features. Customer picks your brain with laundry list of prepared questions (he read Bicycling magazine, you see). You perry every attack until customer falls into an awkward silence. "Whaddaya say we wrap it up for ya?" Customer thanks you graciously and says he's "still looking", but he'll probably get it soon because he's "got a big ride coming up".

Old Bob-wan, a storied old hand that knew his fair share about both widgets AND the way the world worked, said I was a victim of a doofy consumer behavior known as "peenie pucker". Sixteen years later and I still haven't heard a better description.


Radio Freddy said...

Peenie Pucker. That is good.

Ari said...

We have gone thru this a million times. The guy that wanked on the merlin falls in there too. He must be in his corporate bathroom with excel sports catalogue in hand, profusely sweating. Palms are clamy, butt drying out, boss is wondering where he is. Should I buy the merlin online? I will save 17.49 cents over those over_ priced guys at hartleys. Yeah......I'll show them.