Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Euro Femmes

What is it about the euro femme that looks so right on a bicycle? Damn it. Even helmets look good on 'em.
All those in favor of making white shorts de rigeur for all shapely femme cyclists say "Aye".


Ari said...

For God's sake that woman is on a MTB. I don't know how euro chicks do it. They ride bikes and stay slim from tip to toe. Even the average american cyclist, shit even pro criterium riders are big and stocky. I really think our diets here have a lot to do with it. You , Brad, and a few other are exceptions.
White shorts, white shoes and a jersey that does not flop like a parachute should be how a woman looks on the bike.
Fashion off the bike and on.

strangelife said...

Oooh, white shoes. I'm a sucker for for a good pair of shoes.